School Supplies for the Kids in Cabrera

Donations to bring with you:

You can also donate items to schools in Cabrera. Many educational materials and supplies are not easily accessible or affordable in the Dominican Republic. Below is our Wish List.  If you would like to contribute any of these items, please contact us first via email or phone so that we can confirm any details. All these items are not worth shipping but easy to put in a suitcase and bring with you.

Credit for items are confirmed on arrival. To recieve Trade4Travel vouchers you must bring a minimum value of $200 worth of supplies.

Technology needed

  • 15 ipads or similar for reading online in the elementary classes
  • 15 laptops to use for online research, word, and computer skills.
  • 2 overhead projectors with 2 HDMI cables/mac adapter
  • 3 extension cords


Our current wish list: (thinking of things that are packable)

  • Colored card stock
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Band aids
  • Ice packs
  • Children’s books
  • Board games
  • World maps (up to date)
  • Craft supplies: beads, macramé, origami paper, etc.


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