Dan & Solange wedding Registry to support Faro de Cabrera school

Dan & Solange wedding—February 2020

Dear friends and family, We have decided to try a unique wedding registry idea . Our wedding venue is part of a program that works with non-profits schools and other organizations in their community. They offer a program that splits every donation we give in credits towards our wedding cost .  We could not think of a more rewarding way to start our new lives together than coming together with friends and family to not only celebrate this special day but also sharing the love of giving with all our friends and family.  

WHY DONATE: Faro with a combination of foreign and Dominican teachers that help at a great discount to their normal incomes. Even with this help the school requires donations to work as the community income level can’t support the cost. Every parent pays something, either in cash or in helping the school. The rest comes from generous donations from local villa owners and their guest.  Besides cash you can also donate items to Faro! Many educational materials and supplies are not easily accessible or affordable in the Dominican Republic. 

WISH LIST: If you would like to contribute any of these items, please contact us first via email or phone so that we can confirm any details. Most frequently needed items: 

  1. Sheet Protectors
  2. Laminating machine
  3. Floor fans
  4. Wall fans
  5. Dry erase board markers
  6. Paper clips and staples
  7. 2 and 3-hole punches

SCHOOL MISSION: True education is not simply the acquisition of knowledge but also the wisdom of knowing what to do with it. We believe in cultivating a community of life-long learners that will investigate, evaluate, and take responsibility for the world around us. Our educational model uses an immersion-style bilingual curriculum in English and Spanish, and a combination of integrated studies, project based learning, and traditional structure to give our students a wide variety of educational experiences and opportunities that meet both U.S. and Dominican educational standards.

HISTORY: Faro de Cabrera Learning Project is a small home school co-op located in a coastal town on the northeast side of the Dominican Republic. It was founded by a group of parents who were frustrated by the overcrowded, understaffed public school system. They came together to develop a quality bilingual program that inspired creativity and valued social consciousness. 

​ADMINISTRATION:  Our school has an administrative board consisting of various professionals (legal, financial, managerial, educational) that volunteer their time and skills to see our project here at Faro prosper. 

To learn more visit them at:

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