Save lifes: support local ambulance fund

Enhance people’s access to ambulance services in Cabrera. Public hospital's ambulance gives the service at no charge for patients but, unfortunately, it is now out of order. Cabrera luckily also has a private ambulance service from the Community Services Board of Cabrera (Patronato de Servicios Comunitarios de Cabrera). This is a community NGO working with community services, run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Patronato receives no help from the Dominican Government or any private organization for the operation or maintenance of their vehicle or for giving any other service. As a result, they must charge a fee for the service. They try to lower the cost as much as possible but, without donations, the program is unsustainable because the vehicle receives little maintenance. Given limited funds, the group has had to charge some cost for the service which leaves some poor people still unable, in many cases, to use this critical service.

How can you help?

You can make donations of any amount. Donations will support people’s economic tariff they need to pay if they use the Community Services Board of Cabrera’s ambulance. They will also contribute to buying elementary and primary materials and devices for caring patients in the two ambulances (Patronato's and public hospital's) during an emergency trip. Donate now and help to change the lives of hundreds of people who can’t afford using an ambulance service. Your help will make that service sustainable.  

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List of equipment, devices, and materials for ground ambulances: click here.


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